One of a Kind Spiked Cuff Mystical Cuff Bracelet with Crystals from Swarovski

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Lets face it spikes are "in". Very rarely do you see designers using crystal spikes though. Here is a fantastic cuff bracelet from the 2014 Mystical jewlery collection that has protruding Swarovski crystal spikes running through the center of the piece.  This is not your typical bracelet and with an outstanding color design and some amazing vintage elements created as far back as the 1930's this is a statement piece that really rocks!



• Crystal from Swarovski®
• Incorporates Rare Swarovski Crystal
• 14K gold filled finishings 
• 14K gold filled metal runs though all crystals between memory wire.
• Memory wire holds the form
• Measurements: 7" round and 1.5" wide
• Colors: Fuchsia, Lime, Emerald Green, Montana Blue, Peridot Green, Aqua Blue, Special Effect Crystal - Vitral Medium and Soft Yellow
• One of a Kind