Special Edition Bracelets

This new limited edition line of crystal cuff bracelets showcases the patterns of many different flags of the world.  Each bracelet is created using only the finest crystals from Swarovski and total over 500 crystals in each cuff bracelet. The proud pattern of your favorite flag never looked so sparkling and elegant until you wear one of these pieces.

Art and Design have a way of uniting people of all cultural backgrounds to find a common thread or interest in something beautiful. Never has this seemed more apparent then after completeing a series of flags of the world into patterns on crystal bracelets. We began the collection with only a couple flags but as we began creating more we realized how beautiful they looked next to each other.  Every flag has a story.  One that the people of that land recognize, it could be the symbolism of each color or even the emblems and patterns withing the flag. When you look at each flag bracelet you see an interpretation to the best of our design abilities of each flag.  What we see when we look at all the flags, is a world of design! A beautiful example of how different countries from around the world each have their own beautiful artwork to capture the essence of their people and land. 

We promise to continue to expand upon the flag collection and strive for creating every country we can. If there is a Flag you would like to see made that may be missing from our listing please email us the country and we will do our best to make a bracelet specifically for you.