This wonderful jewelry collection is the Deco crystal collection. It captures the sparkle and glamour of the deco era. Many of the collections that are created break the mold of color combinations but in this circumstance we found that appropriate to carry a line of jewelry that has a more vintage, classic look to it.  The Deco collection has a lot of black and clear in it. There are variations to the shades of the predominent colors but the overall feeling is of the utmost elegance. In our opinion the earrings, bracelets and necklaces found within this section are the perfect accessory for elegant events, fancy fundraisers, and creating a stand out appearance among your peers. As you look closer at the work you will see that every piece has been created using fine sterling silver finishings allowing the beauty of each faceted bead be the focal point of the item. We hope you enjoy the newest selection from the creative mind of Karen Curtis.

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