What does love look like?  Well this is the vision of a red crystal jewelry collection of Love in the eyes of one of the leading fashion jewelry designers... Karen Curtis.  Her newest collection Amore' highlights a color spectrum involving red crystals  and pink crystals while mixing in small accents of black or clear.  By keeping on the warm side of the color wheel, the designs in Amore' evoke thoughts of powerful and undescribable emotion, long lasting love, and intense desire. Much like a loving relationship, the designs are pieced together one element at a time until the finished product is a beautiful one of a kind piece just like the small events and personal experiences that go into creating an amazing love that you can't do without.  If you consider your love as individual and unique, than the only way to profess your love is with a similar piece of jewelry from the Karen Curtis Amore' collection. All of the Karen Curtis Company's Swarovski crystals jewelry is hand made in NYC and made from rare elements that will not be found in any other high end costume jewelry designs.

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