Exclusively sold at and made by New York jewelry designer Karen Curtis, crystal bridal jewelry is a very personalized area of Karen's jewelry designs.  The most important thing about the fashion bridal jewelry is to make our brides feel more special and more beautiful then they imagined.  Primarily, bridal collections are created using sterling silver in combination with Swarovski® crystals, but depending on the gown or accents for the day, they can also be custom made using 14 karat gold filled or even a unique colored bridal jewelry set.  Her designs use a variety of different shaped clear crystals bridal dresses often have been adorned with to help tie together the overall look. From necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to hair pins and tiaras Karen can surely find the right bridal jewelry and accessories for your look.   Over time Karen has been able to acquire a large selection of vintage, antique, and discontinued SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that she uses in all of the bridal collections so that the look is very unique to what is available in typical stores and gives a modern take on vintage bridal jewelry.  These older SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have different shapes, sizes and cuts which make them shine and sparkle differently then today's crystals.  Paired together with the modern SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Karen creates a piece which captures the past and is symbollic of the future.

These rare pieces also make the bridal jewelry truly unique!  From simple to extravagant there is no limitation to the bridal designs that Karen can create for your occasion. Whether you are looking for yourself or trying to find bridal party jewelry to surprise your girls with, Karen's Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry is going to impress everyone in attendence.  Please enjoy looking through our selection of bridal costume jewelry. We are sure that Karen's talented eye for jewelry design will be the ultimate finishing touch for your wedding day.