Wine Stoppers

WINE STOPPERS These beautiful hand blown glass wine stoppers continue to be a signature design for Karen Curtis.  Using the same glass blowing techniques used for larger vases and sculptures, Karen meticulously crafts each individual color into the correct density and size. Once completed she can fuse these canes back together and begin the blown art glass process for which she has become recognized. Year after year, she provides a series of fresh new color combinations to choose from and experiments with many layers of color in each piece.   As a blown glass artist living in NYC, she loves to translate colors from fashion into these decorative objects for the home. The stainless steel stopper the glass is set upon is industry standard and fits any wine bottle. Whether hosting a party with bottles of wine on the table or displaying a set of decorative wine stoppers in your kitchen, these functional pieces of art are sure to bring joy to any occasion.  The glass wine stoppers come in a variety of colors and also 3 shapes, round, square, and triangular.  Buy your favorite glass wine bottle stoppers so that you always have a creative and sophisticated gift on hand. The perfect house warming gift for the wine lover in your life!   Cheers and enjoy browsing the collections! * Please enjoy and keep in mind that the acidity of wine can effect the chrome winestopper over extensively long periods of exposure, we recommend not exceeding over 2 weeks of straight use.  Additonally, beverages such as champagne or others that have carbonation can build enough pressure to force the winestopper out of the bottle, please use cautiously.