City Nights

The City Nights Collection came to be by finding a happy balance between the opposing colors of orange and purple.  The color composition in this design reminds me of certain pieces in Jackson Pollock's drip series yet what originally inspired us was the city sunset; the purples, yellows and oranges in the sky contrasting with the cityscape of dark building light up by the energy from a city that never sleeps. We found that by using small touches of yellow sunshine it helped to bridge the two colors together.  A small amount of a lighter color always helps the eye to transition from colors which are closer on the spectrum.  The result is amazing and beautiful to wear!

There are many styles and comfort zones to choose from in the collection... from vintage purple amethyst drop earrings - new cuff bracelet designs and out of this world dazzling statement necklaces.  The City Nights Collection is pure color, sophistication and fun!

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