ABOUT HIGH END LIGHTING Karen Curtis, a noted New York lighting designer always finds a creative way to bridge the old with the new.  It is near impossible to find a colored crystal chandelier and even harder to find a Swarovski crystal chandelier that utilizes color as the design element.  The reason being it is an expensive and time consuming task to create an object as large as a chandelier to look sophisticated and beautiful with multiple colors, not to mention that if it is the focus of attention in a room you want it done RIGHT!  All of her colored crystal chandeliers are one of a kind, We do NOT believe that designer chandeliers should be something everyone can have the same one of.  The idea of having a designer create for you is to produce unusual chandeliers, unique chandeliers, and if called for funky chandeliers that seperate your taste from your neighbors, friends, and family.  Each of the frames used in the design process are original antiques dating back to the early 1900's, in most cases the chandeliers are brass. Choosing these frames is the first step in this design process, and these frames must have unusual characteristics and be unique by themselves before they are to be draped by Karen. The crystal designs that she creates breathe new life into these classic forms.  Karen uses the highest quality STRASS® Crystals for all of the high end lighting.  STRASS® Swarovski crystals have the highest purity, best color saturation, and reflect light better than all other crystals available.  Using a variety of colors, and elegant shapes, she is able to turn some of the best crafted chandeliers into spectacular ensembles that utilize both color and light to steal the show in any space.  One of the best parts of her designs come from the effects that they create when lit, casting magnificent shadows and color splashes around a room. Karen's newest addition to her lighting line incorporates hand blown glass pendant lights, which are adorned with the STRASS® Swarovski® Crystals.  Here she takes a set of crystals and mimics the crystal colors in the glass pendant light. The final product looks as if drops of color are melting off the organically shaped pendant light. These are beautiful pieces of art to display over kitchen islands, bars, and even bedside tables. Custom work is available for clients interested in specific size, shape, and color parameters.  Please enjoy browsing our catalog of some of the most distinct and beautiful lighting in New York City.