Sterling Silver, Rare Vintage & Modern Swarovski Crystal Spiked Camouflage Cuff Bracelet

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Probably the most luxurious cuff bracelet from the camouflage jewelry collection. Just check out those awesome emerald green spikes running through the center or the matte finished black Swarovski Crystal next to the spikes.  Truly unusual Swarovski beads in an amazing bold cuff bracelet! 


• Crystals from Swarovski
• Matte Jet colored barrel shape crystals are very rare vintage Swarovski Crystals that are no longer in production by the Swarovski Crystal Company and date back to around the 1950's
• Measures: Length 7.5 inches by 1 1/8 inch wide
• Colors: Clear Crystal, erinite (light green), silver night (grayish clear), Emerald green, jet black matte finish
• Metal: Sterling Silver Runs through the center crystals and Finished in Sterling Silver
• Memory wire runs through 6mm crystals to keep the cuff bracelet shape
• Made in NYC
• One of a Kind