Bulb Covers

Instead of giving your chandelier those distracting mini lamp shades we have designed and will custom design for each client beaded bulb covers or chandelier candle covers.  These decorative chandelier bulb covers cut down the glare from exposed light bulbs and simultaneously add to the overall design of the chandelier.  We have created candle covers for chandeliers ranging from christmas colors for the holidays to sophisticated chevron beaded designs using the colors of the rooms walls.  The crystal light bulb covers will undoubtably change the look and feel of your lamp and with each beaded bulb cover containing hundreds of 4mm Swarovski crystals to create the design, you will have the highest quality and craftsmanship in an accessory for all the lights in your home.  Please enjoy browsing our collection of bulb covers and contact us directly if you would like to see a color arrangement come to life that is going to match the decor in your space.