Cosmic Dream Collection

There is no denying that Karen Cutis jewelry is designed to really sparkle, but this new crystal jewelry collection takes design to a whole new area for her. The way she approached creating this jewelry line was by resourcing Swarovski crystal that is dark colored as a base and every piece has some sort of exotic reflective coating. So what you have is a composition of 14K gold filed metal piecing together dark metallics almost like having black diamonds only more color projection. What we love about having this unique line of Swarovski crystal jewlery is that it looks so sophisticated paired with an evening gown for a formal event. It takes the edge off a stuffy atmosphere by allowing you to have up to the minute fashion that the rest of the crowd will drool over. We also love it because of the ability to dress it down. The upside of a creative, fresh design like the cosmic dream jewelry collection is that no matter what you wear this neutral metallic coloring will brighten up any outfit.

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