Birthstone Jewelry

As a New addition to our online store we have begun designing jewelry that coordinates with certain birthstones. This is a long standing tradition among gift giving and we are so proud to be creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that help you to say " I love you" on someone's birthday.  As many people know this tradition of birthstone jewelry originates with precious stones but in modern times it is the color that is most symbolic as many people have moved away from the precious stone market due to the fact that it is hard to have accountability for how and where these stones are coming from. Many feel that conflict stones are hard to trace and therfore prefer crystal in liu of possibly buying a stone that has negative consequences for certain individuals and communities. We will continually update this section to help keep the freshest designs available to our clients. If there is something specific that we can create for you please feel free to contact us using the tab at the top of the page so that you can get the perfect piece of Swarovski Crystal Jewlery for that special someone.