Hello, Karen!
I purchased two pairs of earrings from you during the holidays at the Columbus Circle fair.  I thought you were awesome!  And I love, love, LOVE your earrings!  I definitely will be buying more.  They sparkle in a way I love, and they have always helped me to also sparkle when I wear them. :-) People compliment me on your earrings all the time. You are a truly gifted artist, I tell everyone about your beautiful creations!  
Aug 13, 2018, at 3:31 PM, Jonna

Beautiful Vintage White Drop Earrings 




Posted By: Kathy


I love these earrings! They are classic, lightweight and have a gorgeous sparkle effect with movement. I love the special coating on the one side. They are a great for an evening out and everyday! 


Fabulous earrings 




Posted By: Randy


These earrings I purchased from Karen Curtis are a favorite of mine. All her jewelry is beautiful and fine quality as well. 


wine stopper 




Posted By: Lisa


What a great gift and a great price point. I love these, they're pretty to look at and usable... great housewarming gifts! 


So gorgeous! 




Posted By: Rebecca Stafford


I bought this suncathcer in the Peacock color for my grandmother so she could put it in the window of her nursing home. It is so beautiful and catches the like stunningly! It really brightens up the room. I highly recommend this! 


Love My Bracelet! 




Posted By: N/A


I purchased this bracelet (with different shades of green stones) at the Holiday Fair at Grand Central Station about three (maybe more?) years ago. It is absolutely one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear! I've worn it on many occasions, and I always get so many compliments. And it looks as new as the day I purchased it. (By the way, went back to Karen and purchased earrings to match.) 


Conversation piece whenever we have guests 




Posted By: Lee


We initially thought this just looked kind of cool, and maybe it was just us, but whenever we crack open a bottle literally everyone comments on it and asks where we got it. 


Great Gift! 




Posted By: Nancy B.


We have a beautiful blue/green wine stopper that is always in use. We've given then as gifts as well - everyone loves them. 


Beautiful Design 




Posted By: Nancy B.


We bought out suncatcher at Christmas time and had it on our tree and then moved it to the kitchen window after the holidays. I don't think it will ever go back on the tree! 


Karen creates wearable art! 




Posted By: Nancy Dunngallin


I have 15 pieces of jewelry from various collections and each one of them is an individual work of beautiful wearable art! My first piece was a cuff bracelet and I still think it is my favorite......I have my eye on this cuff bracelet as well but am waiting for a groom! The exquisite color combinations and the intricate patterns that Karen creates, truly makes each piece unique and who doesn't want to wear unique. I wear the pieces with jeans and a t-shirt or to a black tie event to equal effect....I receive many compliments and frankly the jewelry makes me happy and we should never deny happiness. Buy any piece and you will wear it for years with a smile on your face! 






Posted By: Julie


The very first time I wore these earrings I was bombarded with compliments. Beyond that which is kind of irrelevant to me these are simple gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. Karen was kind enough to take a web necklace and remake it for me in a simple rope fashion. That is how I got hooked on her beautiful jewelry. 


Beautiful Jewellery 




Posted By: Sarah Madley


I bought my first piece of Karen Curtis jewellery at the Grand Central Christmas Fair in 2007 and haven't looked back since! Karen's designs are beautiful and the colours she puts together are stunning. With unusual and gorgeous shapes these pieces are truly a delight. I have a lariat, earrings and bracelet in a previous collection, Exquisite, which are all beautiful and I have just ordered a bracelet from the Guanahani collection. Can't wait to receive it. If you are looking for something unusual then Karen Curtis is the place for you. 


Love them 




Posted By: Barbara


When I received the earrings I was delighted at how nice they came out-just like on the website. I received a Swarovski necklace as a gift and was looking to get earrings to match and was happy I found them. You don't have to be a bride to wear them. Love the crystal and pearl effect. Got many compliments 





Posted By: Barbara


I purchased 2 rings in December at the Grand Central stand. I needed a champagne color,which was sold out. So I ordered on line and was happy when I received it. I like the stackable look. Very happy with the purchase. 


love my wine stopper 



Product: Hand blown glass wine stopper • multi colored cube 

Posted By: shari siegel


I bought a wine stopper for a Valentine's gift, and it was a big hit. Karen was a big help as well, when the one I ordered wasn't available and I had to choose a different one. She was very helpful, professional, etc. I am now excited to purchase a couple more with the stand and complete the set. I am also planning to keep them in mind as a great gift for friends in the future with a nice bottle of wine. 






The sparkling gorgeous bedroom lamp has enlivened my spirit.  If you hold it in the right light, tiny prisms of color dance all over the room.

Nancy O


Hi Karen -


The pendant just arrived, and it was well worth the wait.  I'm having a difficult time finding the words to express how much I like it.  It is truly unique, and I love the stones.  You did much more than I expected, and I am absolutely thrilled with it.  I'm sure it's going to get rave reviews.


I also appreciate your including the cord.  It's a great color.


Thank you more than I can say for doing such a wonderful job for me.  I hope you kept a picture of it because you should be very proud of it.




Hi Karen,

Great talking to you :)


Thanks for all your help in making the selection.   I know Pam will be happy.  Really appreciate your extra effort for a  most pleasant shopping experience.


I'll keep checking your website and email flyers for jewelry, and really hope to make it there in May to see you!!


Kind regards,



Dear Karen,


Just writing to wish you happy new year and to let you know that the "Black Tie" earrings I bought in December at your Grand Central boutique for my girlfriend in Toronto were a big hit!  I was not sure she would like such long, dangling earrings, since I had not seen her wear earrings like that, but she loved them, in part because it was the sort of thing she would not have thought to buy for herself.  Thank you for your help with my selection and for designing such beautiful jewelry.


All the best,


Mark B


Hi Karen,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with both the earrings and necklace Michael bought for me from you for Christmas. The necklace was even better then I remembered! I've worn both many times.

It was nice to see both you and Aaron at your booth.

See you next year.


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hello Karen

I had the pleasure of meeting you and you're very personable and friendly and not to mention extremely talented. It's a blessing, a 'gift', if you will. Take care and I wish you well. 




Thanks for adding me to your mailing list!  I met you at the holiday show at Grand Central and think your work is beautiful!







Carolyn loved the cuff. Thank you so much for the help!





Karen:  Got the package last night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jewels.  Thank you so much. -mary


Hi Karen


Just to let you know that I received my bracelet today and I love it !  It is gorgeous so thank you.  Feel like the earrings would be a nice finishing touch but they will have to wait until around Christmas for my birthday !


Hope you have enjoyed your time with your new nephew and that he and mummy are doing well?  What did they call him? 


Take care.



Hi Karen,


I was first introduced to your jewelry last year at the holiday fair around Christmas.  The company I worked with happened to be in Grand Central and with limited time in between meetings I would frequent your booth at least a couple of times a day; your work is absolutely beautiful.  


Your work is quite unique because it captures a piece of time taking me back to another era.


Both my mom and I purchased several pieces.


Thank you for your time and your jewelry!

Nadia B



Hi Karen!

It's already a year and I'm still loving and enjoying my

beautiful chandelier!

I wish you lots of luck this season and for 2008. 

I'll stop by at Grand Central to say hello.

All the Best,

Bobbie :)

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________We look forward to your new collection. And to remind you the piece that you made up to look like a wrist corsage with the pearl straps and the colorful stones arranged like a flower on the top is a real hit.

Best of luck this season. Maybe given what is going on in the world, people will appreciate you more.

All the best, 

Bill M


Thank you so much for the lovely email. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness to get the NYC post card, for my note. The presentation of the gift sounds lovely.
I can't believe the package will be delivered today, without having requested next day shipping...especially after all my questions on trying to choose a shipping method.
Thanks again for all the back and forth communication. Having you, the artist, take the time to respond so promptly and even send me this note, is one of those extra niceties, that is not really part of online buying today.  It's that added personal touch, that does make a difference.
Well, I am so glad I found your website online, while searching for hand blown art glass.  In my opinion, no one makes wine stoppers that compare to yours....I tend to be very particular :-). They are really unique looking and make a very pretty gift.
Thanks Again!!!

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