Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Swarovski Crystal Droplet Necklace - Sailing Collection

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Set sail with a crystal droplet necklace you can wear 3 different ways - simply elegant, choker necklace that flows down your back or into a y-necklace


• Made with Crystal from Swarovski and have semi precious amethyst

 This necklace includes antiques Roske. Sapphire avi called cheap and Crystal ABE cone shape. As well as smooth frost colored barrel shaped crystals and 3 mm³ Swarovski. 

• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Measurements: 17-1/2 inches conference. Necklace can be adjusted at every 1-1/2” to your desired length or turned into a Y-necklace.conference.

• Colors: Aqua Blue, Violet,  Light Colorado Topaz, Siam Red AB, Sapphire Blue AB, Vintage Ivory, Silver Crystal Pearl, Vintage White Frost and natural amethyst 

• Limited Edition