Gold Filled Swarovski Crystal Sparkling Hoop Earrings with Drops • Sable

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This is a classic style with extra flare from each of the sparkling drops hanging from the hoop. This is a medium to large earring that actually has a light weight feel to it.



• Made with Rare and Vintage Swarovski Crystal
• Large Cone Shape Crystals, Jet cone shape crystals and Bermuda Blue oval drop crystals are rare Vintage Swarovski Crystals that are no longer in production by the Swarovski company and are very rare to find.
• French Wire
• Measures: 3.5" from top of French Wire
• Colors: Metallic Gold, Jet, Bermuda Blue, Crystal, Black Diamond, Irredescent Green
• Metal: 14K Gold Filled
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition
• 1 of 6