Illuminate your holiday gatherings with the enchanting glow of Karen's Home Line lighting collection. Designed by Karen herself, each chandelier and ceiling art piece is a unique blend of timeless beauty and contemporary flair. Make a statement this holiday season by adorning your space with our one-of14-a-kind lighting designs, creating a festive atmosphere that captivates & delights.

Vases & BowlsElevate your holiday decor with Karen's Home Line, featuring hand-blown, one-of-a-kind artglass vases and bowls. Each colorful creation, cane blown in Brooklyn, is a unique masterpiece that seamlessly blends artistry and functionality. Transform your space into a festive haven with these exquisite pieces, perfect for gifting or enhancing your holiday table setting.

For the wine enthusiast in your life, Karen's exclusive hand-blown bottle stoppers are the perfect gift. Crafted with stainless steel bases and boasting vibrant, one-of-a-kind designs, these stoppers elevate every pour into a moment of sophistication. Give a unique gift. This is the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list, Unisex gift great for the hostess, moms day or Father's Day.

Unveiling soon, Karen's curated art collection promises to redefine your decor. Curated by our visionary creator, Karen, each piece tells a unique story and adds an extraordinary touch to your space. Discover the perfect gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day, or accentuate your decor with these carefully selected artworks. Fine arts collected from pottery to sculptures.

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