Art Glass

New York City Glass artist Karen Curtis brings to your home the same beautiful color combinations that she has been recognized for in all of her jewelry designs over the years.  Each piece of colorful art glass is hand blown using centuries old techniques.  The colors in the glass are hand blown tiles of glass called cane.  This type of hand blown glass art is rooted in Italy's island region of Murano (a country where she studied fashion and design in college). Every piece of colored cane is hand made and then melted back together forming individual sections or lines of color which wrap through the entire vase or bowl. Karen's emphasis is on color design but she uses organic shapes as the vehicle for the patterns, thus creating a truly unique and recognizable piece of hand blown glass art. Each hand blown glass vase and bowl is one of a kind, even though the pattern is replicated the shape will be slightly different each time this glass blowing process is used.   The items you will find in her collections  range from glass wine stoppers, vases, and hand blown glass bowls, to a new line of sculptural glass work called spazzios which capture the use of negative space. Whether you are looking for something to help decorate a shelf in a room, seaching for the perfect blown glass gifts or you are a collector of fine art, Karen's selection of hand blown art glass is sure to capture your imagination and add something special to your home.   Karen Curtis' art glass collection makes great gifts for wedding, anniversaries, and any other special occasion.  Please enjoy browsing the unique studio art glass on our new online glass gallery at!