14k Gold Filled Swarovski Crystal Double Hoop Earring - Sable

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These Earrings have an Elegant Color Combination Designed playfully with 2 Looping Strands of rare crystals by the Swarovski Crystal Company. 



• Made with Rare and Vintage Swarovski Crystal
• Disc Shape jet black are Rare Discountinued Swarovski Crystals.  Black Diamond 8mm Crystals are very rare Vintage Swarovski that date back to around the 1930's time period. All these Crystals are no longer in Production by the Swarovski Company and are very rare to find.
• French Wire
• Measures approximately 2" from top of french wire to bottom of hoop x 1-1/4" width 
• Colors: Starlight, Black diamond, Jet, Irridescent Green, Crystal Metallic Gold, Silver Night
• Metal: 14K Gold Filled
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition
• 1 of 5