14k Gold Filled Swarovski Crystal Charm Bracelet - Tibetan

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These rich Earth tones look like they are on fire when in the sunshine.  This beautiful Swarovski Crystal charm bracelet is made in very limited quantities, so you will be the only one that has it at any function.


• Cone Shape Jet Black and Oval Shape Bermuda Blue are Rare Vintage Swarovski Crystals
• Bermuda Blue Flowers are rare vintage Swarovski Crystal
• Made with Crystals from Swarovski
• Measures: Approx. 7.5" 
• Colors: dark sapphre, indian red, smoked topez, jet black, vintage breminds blue, jet nut, champagne, topez, rose gold and silver night
• Metal: 14K Gold Filled 
• Wire Wrapping Technique
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition
• 1 of 3