Swarovski Crystal Collar Necklace with Antique Swarovski Crystal Ivory Flowers • 14K Gold Filled, Memory Wire • Bohemian Chic

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I Love this Necklace Choker. It's Fun, Fashionable and so Unique! Its a refreshing look that can be worn dressed up or with a tank and jeans.  I think it's so versatel to get lots of wear out of.  There are so many colors mixed in that it will match many outfits. This bohemian chic choker is perfect to pair with all the western style looks showing this fall. 



• Crystals from Swarovski®
• Antique Swarovski Crystal from around the 1930's Time Period: 8mm Ivory Flowers #VeryRare
• Measures: 14" adjustable to 16" 
• Colors: Olivine Green, Amethyst, Siam Red, Providence Purple, Smokey Quartz, Ivory Crystal
• Metal:  14K gold filled metal  & Memory Wire. 14k GF runs thru all center crystals and complete the look. Memory wire helps to create the look and keep the shape.
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition ( 1 of 2 )