Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - Resort Jewelry

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Cuff bracelets are among the most popular of all bracelet styles.  The roots of this design can be traced back to ancient times in greek, roman, and egyptian cultures.  Although in modern times who can't deny wonder woman's cuff's as being most notable.  The cuff bracelet from the resort jewelry collection is a masterpiece in color composition and contains a beautiful balance of geometric and sphere shaped Swarovski crystal.


Product Details:

• Limited Edition (1 of 2)
• 8mm crystal on outline
• 6 3/8" around wrist and 1" width
• Finished with 2 sterling silver clasps
• Sterling Silver runs through all cubes while memory wire holds shape
• Rare satin finish montana blue cube shaped Swarovski crystal
• Colors: montana blue (satin finish), montana blue, turquoise, champagne, light azure