Swarovski Crystal 14k Gold Filled Versatile Necklace - Wear it 3 Ways - Glam Rock

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Karen's Signature Style Versatile Necklace. wear as a standard 19” classic necklace, clasp into a lariat or clasp short and let crystals flow down yr back. Elegant & sexy … feel great & sparkle


• Made with Crystals from Swarovski®
• Metal: 14K gold filled
• Measures: Necklace is 19"... Necklace can be warn 3 different ways , clasped to any jumping , crystal droplets are approx 1/2” each
• Colors: Amethyst, Burgundy, Jet Black, Mocca Brown, Crystal, Opal Blue, Vintage Champaign, Gold Shade, Vintage Bermuda Blue and Vintage Hyacinth Ab
• Limited Edition