Sterling Silver, Vintage Swarovski Crystals & Semi Precious Chunky Statement Earrings • Aruba

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Elegant, Stunning Earrings that have beautiful sparkle to them. Personally, I Love the rare large Swarovski pear shape drop, it make the earrings so special to me.


• Made with faceted semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals
• Vintage Swarovski Crystals: Very Rare Antique Large Peridot + Violet and Sapphire Disc Shapes are rare discontinued Swarovski Crystals 
• Semi Precious: Chalcedony and Coral
• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Measurements: 3-1/4" / 5/8"
• Lever Back Ear Closure 
• Colors: Denim Blue, Blue Chalcedony, Violet, Coral, Yellow Topaz, Sapphire Blue, Topaz, Peridot
• Limited Edition