Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Cube Drop Earrings - Deco

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The cube shaped crystals make these Swarovski earrings even more interesting then the other drop earrings in the collection. The facets on the edges of the cube maximize the reflectiveness and prism effect in different lighting.



• Rare Swarovski crystal cube earrings 
• 10mm Cube is a rare Swarovski® Crystal. This crystal is no longer in production, the color is rare and this size crystal is no longer available in colors in this size making the the earrings rare and extra special.
• The clear crystal is a vintage Swarovski® crystal and a very rare and special shape as it is round with flat sides and multi faceted. 
• Made in Sterling Silver
• French Wire
• Measurements:1 3/4" long
• Colors: Clear crystal, jet black, crystal metallic gold, jonquil satin, and silver night
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