Sterling Silver and Colorful Swarovski Crystal Chunky V-Necklace - Sailing Collection

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Chunky V-Necklace

This Necklace is Truly Unique and One of Kind Loaded with Vintage and Antique Swarovski Crystals and Rare Discontinued Swarovski Crystals.

• Vintage/Antique Swarovski: Cone Shape Crystal AB and Lt Colorado Topaz AB, Ivory Crystals 3mm/8mm, 6 & 8mm Heavily Faceted Siam Red AB & LCT, 18mm Sapphire AB and 16mm Satin Siam Pear Shapes 
• Discontinued Swarovski Crystals include: All Aqua Shapes


• Made with Crystal from Swarovski + Semi Precious Amethyst
• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Measurements: Adjustable from 15.5" up to 19" - Center of V drops 3"
• Colors: Aqua Blue, Violet AB,  Light Colorado Topaz AB, Light Colorado Topaz, Siam Red AB, Satin Siam Red, Sapphire Blue AB, Vintage Ivory, White Pearl, Silver Pearl, Ivory Vintage Pearl, Crystal AB, Amethyst and White Opal AB
• One of a Kind