Soft Pink Crystal Heart Necklace

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Crystal & Rose Quartz with Vintage STRASS Swarovski Heart Pendant - The faceting in the light pink heart on this necklace is done so beautifully, it seems to sparkle a bit brighter than a lot of other similar cuts. It is rare vintage STRASS Swarovski Crystal 28mm Rosalyn Pink. You can also clasp this necklace at different lengths allowing you to wear it as different styles from lariat to classic pendant.



• Crystals from Swarovski®
• Rare Vintage Swarovski : 5mm Crystal AB - flat and round - no longer in production by the Swarovski Company
• Natural Rose Quartz - 4mm
• Measures: 22" inches long, adjustable length
• Colors:  Pink Lt Rose AB, Crystal AB, Silver Metallic Crystal, Lt Rose quartz
• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition 
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