Ruby Red Large Crystals and Sterling Chain Necklace

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Product Overview

 This fresh new design is a 41" long necklace with sterling silver and rare Swarovski crystal breaking up the chain. This is fantastic for over a coat or blouse and can also be doubled up for a shorter layered look for a necklace.

Product Details: 

• Made with Swarovski® Crystal Elements
• Incorporates very rare Swarovski® Crystals that date back to the 1930's
• 6mm Crystal-ab are my favorite vintage Swarovski crystal, these crystals are very rare, no longer in production and have an incredible sparkle effect.  They are my favorite because of how heavily faceted they are around the edges while being flat on each side. They are very cool.
• Measures 41" in lenght
• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Please note this necklace has no clasp, it simply goes over your head and can be double up 1x
• Colors: Ruby Red, Amethyst, Crystal-AB, and Metallic Bronze
• Handmade by Designer Karen Curtis
• One of a Kind