One of a Kind 14k Gold Filled & Swarovski Crystal Show Statement Gatsby Crystal Bib Necklace

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A One of a Kind super intricate necklace made with strands of Swarovski crystal to form a huge bib in the center. This necklace incorporates hundreds of colorful Swarovski crystals so that you truly can stop the show when you enter a room! 



• Made with Swarovski Crystal Elements
• Metal: 14K gold filled
• Measurements: Adjustable up to 20" in length & 6" at widest point in center of necklace
• Loaded with very rare antique Swarovski crystals, some that date back to the 1930's
• Vintage and Antique Swarovski crystal included in this necklace are: jet tube shape, jet cone shape, jet tire crystal, black diamond-ab barrow shape, black diamond large pear shape, crystal cone shape, crystal clear round & flat, cosmet jet 4mm and 8-10mm bicone starlight and gold colored crystal
• Colors: black diamond, black diamond ab, silver night, luminescent, clear crystal, cosmet jet, crystal metallic gold, lime, starlight, gold pearl, and jet black
• One of a Kind