Long Multi Colored Necklace - Tiffany

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A Long Beautiful 36" Stand of All Sorts of Shapes and Colors that Swaovski has made from as far back as the 1930's! 



• Made with Crystals from Swarovski
• Measures: Approx. 36" long
• Colors: Siam Red, Capri Blue, Aquamarine, Fuchsia, Yellow Sunshine, Crystal, Light Topaz, Ruby, Silver Night and Iridescent Green
• Vintage: Emerald Cut Crystals in Capri Blue are very Rare! This particular Crystal is from around the 1930's time Period. The Ruby Red 14mm is another very rare and discontinued crystal.  The flat clear rectangle crystal and oval aqua crystal are no longer in program by the Swarovski company and have become very rare.
• Metal: 14K Gold Filled
• Hand wire wrapped by Designer Karen Curtis
• Made in NYC
• One of a Kind