Crystal Chandelier Light Bulb Covers - Black & Purple

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Black & Purple Bulb Covers

Swarovski® Crystal Candelabra Light Bulb Covers are the Perfect way to Update your existing Chandelier! ... Also, Great on a Night Light! 

These handmade Swarovski crystal bulb covers are a Karen Curtis original design.  Not only do they add gorgeous color to your lamp, but they also cut down the glare from exposed light bulbs in a chandelier without diminishing the light given off.  The bulb covers are placed directly onto of the light bulbs and the light is then projected through over 300 individual 4mm Swarovski Crystals.  Color combinations and design is limitless, give us a list of colors that you want and voila, you have just custom designed your own covers!  Each bulb cover is made special per order making these truly individual for each lamp.

• Made with SWAROVSKI Crystals
• Colors: Black (4mm) and Violet (5mm)
• Gold Colored Wire
• Signature Hang Tag on Each Light Bulb Cover
• Handmade by Designer
• Measurements: 3" height x 3.5" wide 
• Crystals circumference 7" around 
• Bulb Cover typically covers 3/4 of the light bulb
• Fit on Candelabra Bulbs 
• Perfect for 25 - 40watt bulbs

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Interested in our Custom Coloring the Bulb Covers?
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* Custom orders are final sale