Colorful Mini Chandelier Earrings • Modern & Vintage Crystals from Swarovski • 14K Gold Filled Metal • Navajo Collection

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Little mini chandelier earrings .... Elegant and playful! These little clusters are filled with color... They are the perfect earrings to wear a night on the town or to an event.  The Navajo Collection has so many great colors tied together that the jewelry in this collections matches so much.  with blue being a primary color you can always wear with denim but this collection is great with so many colors from a cobalt blue top, a plum gown, aqua sweater set, or anything deep red or black that you want to add some flare to.  This is a fun collection and a great way to make your outfit stand out. 


• Crystals from Swarovski®
• Measures:  1.25" long & 1" wide
• Colors: Jet black, Capri Blue, Amethyst Purple, Aquamarine Blue, Yellow Topaz 
• Metal:  14 karat gold filled 
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition 
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