Karen has been creating what she calls “ceiling art” since 2006. Her chandeliers are jewelry for the home and looks much like her jewelry being colorful, unique and glamorous. Her one of a kind STRASS Swarovski crystal chandeliers are luxury. Each frame is curated by Karen herself picking original antiques, mainly turn of the century. Gorgeous colorful displays of sparkle radiate from these floating pieces of artwork. Swarovski crystal chandeliers rarely have color; this is something Karen Curtis felt was missing from the lighting world. These spectacular colorful crystal chandeliers are truly works of art. 

Karen prides herself on being a business that believes in providing extremely high craftsmanship and unique designs that every customer will be happy and excited to own a piece created by Karen Curtis. Whether you are looking for ceiling art or a special decor one of a kind item for your home, you are in the right place as each is created by the most colorful and creative minds in interior design.