3 Way Necklace 14K Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Swarovski with Antique Swarovski Flower Crystals Necklace - Urban Cowgirl

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Versatile Necklace ...3 necklaces in 1!  


Wear as as a Simple Classic 18” Necklace .... clasp short, spin it around and wear as a Y necklace or pick your own perfect length to adjust to yr Neckline while rest flows elegantly down yr back



• Crystals from Swarovski®
• Vinage Swarovski : Ivory 3mm
• Measures: 18 3/4" long 
• Colors: Ivory, Smokey Quartz AB, Aqua, Champagne, Salmon, Saphire AB, Jet, Metallic Sunshine, Vintage Topaz, Rainbow, semi-precious quartz
• Metal: 14K gold filled 
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition