14k Gold Filled Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Necklace with Drops - Gatsby

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What this necklace allows for is versatility. The double drop Swarovski crystal necklace from the Gatsby Jewelry Collection can be clasped at numerous areas to provide different lengths as well as different styles such as a Y-Necklace.



• Made with Swarovski Crystal Elements
• Metal: 14K gold filled
• Measurements: Adjustable up to 18 1/2" in length
• Incorporates very rare antique Swarovski crystals
• Cone shape crystals are very rare vintage Swarovski crystal
• 8mm citrine are antique 1930's Swarovski crystal - The shape is no longer in production and is very rare.  This stone has a lots and lots of sparkle as it is extremely faceted
• Colors: gold crystal, black diamond-ab, black diamond, lime, silver night, luminescent, clear crystal, and cosmet jet black
• Limited Edition
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