Swarovski Crystal GlamRock Cube Cuff Bracelet finished in 14k gf

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Designer Swarovski crystal cuff bracelet incorporating rare Swarovki 10mm crystal cubes is one of our most delightful designs. The tanzanite cubes that run through the center add a dramatic look. The way the facets catch the light is absolutely amazing. There is no way this bracelet will go un-noticed at your next big event.



• Made with Crystals from Swarovski 
• 10mm crystal montana blue are very rare Swarovski crystals that are no longer in production 
• Measurements: 6.5" long 1-1/8" wide
• Colors: mint, emerald, tanzanite, topaz, orange, rose-peach
• Metal: 14k gf runs through all the center crystals, 2 gf lobster clasps with gf rings complete the bracelet... Memory wire runs though 8mm crystals to keep it's perfect cuff form
• Sterling silver Signature Tag
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition
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