Roaring 20's

The 1920's were an epic time period for jewelry design especially for over the top colorful crystal costume jewelry.  This jewelry collection which was created with many oversized Swarovski crystals that reflect the ever present concept of more is more during this time period.  The ruby color is the most ephasised color in the roaring 20's collection but is accented with beautiful purples, black diamond and aurora borealis clear crystal all pieced together on sterling silver.  With the entire concept of all of our jewelry being a modern take on the 1920's style this particular jewelry line is sure to please anyone who shares in the allure a 1920's flapper lifestyle! 

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  • Swarovski crystal and various strands of sterling silver chain necklace. Roaring 20's jewelry collection by Karen Curtis NYC Close-up of sterling silver chain and crystal necklace by Karen Curtis NYC
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    This necklace is a *new* style tested in 2013 and then released in all collections in 2014.  All Swarovski crystal and a playful mix of sterling silver chain in different styles and sizes. I guess we'd say it's kind of Edgy but still has a...
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