Heart Necklace - Rebellion

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A beautiful Heart Necklace that can be worn as a standard pendant necklace or as a lariat necklace. Clasp it to your desired length to have the Heart fall where you desire. Wire Wrapped with Sterling Silver by designer Karen Curtis.

It incorporates rare and vintage Swarovski Crystals - The Heart is a 28mm Rare Vintage Swarovski - It reflects different colors. It is called Crystal Glacier Blue and picks up pinks and blue and yellows based on color it lays against or what you have on.  On me it picks up a lot of yellow in the heart and I see the pink and blue reflection around the edges.  The Silver Crystal is another very rare crystal by the Swarovski family that is heavily facetted on the edges, flat in the front/back but round in shape - it is truly stunning and very rare.



• Crystals from Swarovski®
• Rare Vintage Swarovski : 6mm Crystal Silver Cal - flat and round and the 28mm Glacier Heart - no longer in production by the Swarovski Company
• Measures: adjustable up to 18" around neck ( total necklace length with heart measure 20" )
• Colors:  Jet Lt. Siam, Crystal AB, Silver Cal, Dorato, Fuchsia
• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Heart Clasp
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition 
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