Green Swarovski Crystal Bangle Stackable Bracelet

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Green Stackable Crystal Bangle Bracelet


• Made with Crystals from Swarovski®
• Finished with 14k Gold Filled Clasp and Signature Tag
• Memory Wire keeps the bracelet in perfect form
• Expands to fit your wrist from 7"to 8.5"
• Colors: Emerald, Opaque Green, Olive Green AB, Metallic Sun Yellow Gold, Fern Green, Green Turmaline
• Incorporates very rare Swarovski Crystals dating back to the 1930 - 1950's time period
• Opaque Green is an antique Swarovski Crystal
• Disc shape Emerald and Turmaline are very rare Swarovski Crystals that are no longer in production
• Limited Edition