Droplet Necklace Fuchsia & Blue - Tiffany

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This is a great necklace if you need rich bold jewel tones to match a gown or dress.  Feel free to clasp the necklace at different places to create new looks!  This Style makes a great lariet, 20" Single strand or a sexy chocker where crystals flow down your back.



• Made with Crystals from Swarovski
• Measures: Adjustable up to Approx. 20" long
• Colors: Capri Blue, Aquamarine, Fuchsia, Crystal Sunshine, Crystal, Light Topaz, Ruby, and Iridescent Green
• Vintage: 6mm heavily faceted clear Crystals are very rare Swarovski crystals from around the 1950's - The 8mm Lt Topaz, Oval Aqua and Pear Shape drops are very rare discountinued Swarovski Crystals that are no longer in production.
• Metal: 14K Gold Filled
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition
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