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Upcoming Events in NYC... Crafts on Columbus Art Show ... After 35 years this will be their final spring show. Join Karen Curtis this weekend thur Mother's Day weekend in New York City. View Art Glass, Hand Blown Wine Stoppers and One of a Kind and Limited Edition Jewelry made with Swarovski Crytal. add colorful jewelry to your outfit this spring with handmade jewelry by designer karen curtis. our mystical collections gets you in the mood for spring. Ruby red jewelry... the perfect gift for someone special. handmade in nyc by designer karen curtis. ruby reds to shades of purple make this collection on sterling silver perfect for a royal look thats timelessWhen the olympics roll around you really can't help getting caught up in the action. So many inspiring stories and simply amazing athletes to cheer for as they represent the best of our country! We got pretty swept up in the excitement, and inspired us to create a small collection of work that has U.S.A. written all over it Karen Curtis style. This NYC glass blower has been producing some of the coolest designs in the glass world for the past 5 years.  Working in an italian technique to create the best art glass in New York City.  The major influence in her designs is color, she will take multiple stripes of colored glass and melt them all together and then begin the typical glass blowing process, blowing and shaping by hand like seen in many studios around the world.  Karen's hand blown vases will capture your eye and playfully jar the imagination with design and color stories that excite and impress.  She is seen annually at a show in grand central art glass being one of the items she debuts during the holiday season.  Become the next lucky person to own a piece of glass art by Karen.