Small Multicolored Murrini Cane One of a Kind Hand Blown Cane Art Glass Flower Vase

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Vibrant colors of cane have been fused together and hand blown and shaped to create this stunning piece of artistic decor. 

Hand blown glass : Each is created with a very complex process that originated in Murano, Italy. First Karen and Aaron make the glass canes, these are the color rods they use to make up each stripe,  then Karen takes each color carefully creating unique color stories. These individual color rods are how each design is created. The Vase design can be used for decoration or you can use it as a extra special flower vase.



• Hand Blown Glass Vase
• Vertical cane pattern which is hand blown and hand shaped 
• Colors: Cobalt, Jet Black, Turq, Rusted Red
• Dimensions: 5" x 2.75" x 7.25" (Width,Depth,Height)
• Artist signed 
• One of a Kind
• Made in NYC 


* Hand Wash

* Use museum glue when desired
Latticino, Italian decorative glassblowing technique. Latticino refers to any glass piece created using colored glass canes. Latticello A decorative glassblowing technique. A “Latticello" is a complicated design where the glass artist uses a "Latticino" to create a "Reticello" like pattern.