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Such an elegant and beautiful looking chandelier with jet black enamel work in the center and draped modestly with the best strass swarovski crystals.  Handmade in nyc by a talented lighting designer who has grown to be the go to source in the world of couture chandeliers.  This piece has a variety of shapes and sizes in the golden teak, jet black and red bourdeaux colors of crystal.  It's prism effect is amazing and when it is lit, it is a spectacular fixture that draws so much attention.  We create only one of a kind chandeliers, and want to make sure that when you purchase a chandelier from us you know that you have the only one and it is perfect for you and your home.  Bring some color into your home with a high end strass swarovski crystal chandelier by noted nyc designer Karen Curtis.

The Details:

4-light -French Brass frame with cream enamel center- heavily adorned with 14mm, 50mm, 63mm STRASS® Swarovski® crystals. Velvet candle covers are very rare and discontinued from the 1950's.

approx. 13" width x 14" height