Primary Colors make up this Organic Table Top Art Glass One of a Kind Paperweight

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Decorative Object / Glass Paperweight 

Hand blown glass : Each is created with a very complex process that originated in Murano, Italy. First Karen and Aaron make the glass canes, these are the color rods they use to make up each stripe or pattern,  Karen takes each color carefully creating unique color stories. These individual color rods are how each design is created. Sculptural designs/Paperweights can be used for decoration as a conversational object.


• One of a kind 
• Handmade with Colorful Blown Glass Cane 
• Bubbles are a natural part of Art Glass and part of its beauty
• Colorful Solid Glass
• Glass Paperweight
• Colored Cane: Red, Orange, Yellow, Mint, Cobalt
• Measures:  4.25" width x  4.5" depth x 4.25" height
• Flat bottom 
• Signed by Artists
• Made in NYC



* Hand Wash

* Use museum glue when desired   

*Glass and lighting are important together, lighting plays a huge role in how we perceive colored glass art. The photos have been taken in various light conditions so that we provide the most acurate representation of the colors, giving you a good idea of how each glass sculpture will look in your space.