June : Soft Purples

This Crystal Jewelry Collection uses a variety of Purple crystal to create beautiful earrings for the June Birthstone. Like all the collections of Jewlery on our website you can expect alot of Sparkle and elegant movement from all of the Sterling Silver links.  The main color in the collection is The Swarovski Crystal Company's rendition of Light Amethyst. We LOVE this color.... It has a softness to the hue that will make it easy to coordinate with most outfits, yet in certain lighting casts a very pretty purple color. Sterling Silver seemed like the best metal to group in with the color arrangement. 

We created a good selection of sizes in the collection from smaller hoop earrings with large dramatic focal crystals, to strands of color that flow over 3 inches long (great with an up-do). 

Happy Birthday to all those June Babies out there and Keep on Sparkling!