Jet Golden Glass Chandelier

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One of a Kind Golden Teak and Jet Chandelier

This original hand cut glass antique chandelier is traced back to Italy around the 1950's.

Completely rewired using beautiful gold finishing wire that is meant to have an antique feel.

Designed with two colors of STRASS Swarovski crystal, jet black and golden teak. Very elegant presentation using large alternating drops of crystal as well as 14mm Swarovski crystal bunting work flowing from arm to arm and top to bottom. 300 watt maximum for the fixture distributed through 5 chandelier arms.

STRASS Swarovski crystal is widely recognized as the finest cut crystal in the world. Not only does it have the most brilliant color, prism effect, and clarity but it also is finished with an anti-dust coating (ingenious idea from the Swarovski company). Each crystal is authenticated with a laser engraved marking in the top edge, near the hole(does not apply to black due to lack of transparency). This ensures our clients are getting the highest quality product on the market.

Our creations are constructed exclusively with Swarovski crystal and never replicated again making certain that each light fixture is unique. We search world wide to obtain the rarest of Swarovski crystals, pieces which are antique, discontinued, and most importantly NOT available to mass production companies. Therefore none of our designs can or will be copied, which for those consumers who enjoy owning exclusive luxury items is a priceless attribute.