Green & Black Shoulder Duster Earrings

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Statement Shoulder Duster Earrings.  Make a statement when you enter the room with these fabulous Oscar worthy earrings.  


• Made with Rare and Vintage Swarovski Crystal
• Green Tourmaline Disc Shape Crystals are rare Swarovski Crystals and no longer in production by the Swarovski Company
• Large Crystal Cone Shape crystals are very rare Vintage Swarovski and are no longer in production by the Swarovski Company. 
• French Wire
• Measures: 4-3/8” x approx 5/8” at widest point
• Colors: Jet, Luminescent Green, Silver Night, Emerald, Olivine, Green Tourmaline
• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Made in NYC
• Limited Edition
• 1 of 2