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Product Overview

This is a very elegant chandelier. It has a smooth brass finish and is loaded with Strass swarovski crystals in both red bordeaux and golden teak.  We carry the type of designer lighting that is found in the homes of the worlds elite because of the luxurious attributes of having both an antique vintage piece and modern sophistication in the design.  We strive to provide high end chandeliers that reflect our style as well as our clients.  This is how you take your home decor to a new level, by installing a functional piece of hanging artwork!

The Details:

Antique - Spanish frame -Circa 1930's- 5 Arms/lights

Draped in 14mm, 50mm, 63mm and 76mm Strass® Swarovski® crystals. 
Velvet candel covers are very rare and discontinued from the 1950's.

approx. 16" width x 18.5" height