Drawer Pulls

The glass cabinet knobs and pulls designed by Karen Curtis are the epitome of a beautiful finishing touch!  Each of the colored drawer pulls is hand blown by the artist to be a high end addition to your home for either sophistication in some color arrangements or to provide some funky home decor with wild outlandish colors... you choose!  The glass cabinet knobs and pulls are sold as singles for $35 or the decorativve drawer pulls can be sold in sets of 10 or more which drops the price to $25 each and are also custom made for our clients.  We at the Karen Curtis company strive to find interesting ways to work our glass blowing into items for your home and with these truly unique cabinet pulls you will LOVE the dramatic effect this can have on a kitchen, bathroom, or even a piece of furniture in need of an update.  Place your Order Now or Contact us to have us design custom one of a kind color arrangements for any decor in your home!