Burgundy & Navy Sculptural Hand Blown Art Glass One of a Kind "Spazzio"

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These hand blown glass sculptural works of art focus on a beautiful colorful design mixed with the use of negative space. These glass objects are perfect for creating interesting, colorful table scapes. The glass sculpture is thick clear glass covering a fused and blown glass cane pattern. 



• Hand blown glass cane pattern which is sculpted by hand *No Molds*
• Colors: Green, Burgundy, Lime, Mauve, Navy, Pink
• Dimensions: 7 7/8" x 6 1/2" x 3" (Height,Width,Depth)
• All Art Glass is made in NYC by Aaron Niemczyk and Karen Curtis
• One of a Kind


*Glass and lighting are important together, lighting plays a huge role in how we perceive colored glass art. The photos have been taken in various light conditions so that we provide the most acurate representation of the colors, giving you a good idea of how each glass sculpture will look in your space.