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A beautiful hand-blown glass lamp shade created by the process of gathering molten glass onto the end of a blowpipe, forming it into a beautiful female form by blowing air though the blowpipe and manipulating the glass as it is rotated. This process is all done after cane is pulled, Designed into a pattern, and fused together.

• Dimensions: pendants are about 12" tall with crystals. 
• Crystals are roughly 3" in length from glass.
• There are (12) 14mm crystals and (12) 50mm crystals on each pendant lamp.
• lamps shades are 7"-9".

•One of a kind. Signed and dated.

• Pendant lamps are drapped with STRASS® Swarovski® Crystals. some include vintage or discontinued STRASS® Swarovski crystals.

• Handcrafted by Designer Karen Curtis • This is a two person, two part process where we create a classic, functional piece of art.

Colors include: Yellow, Jet black and white glass